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EU statistics have now become user-friendly!!

Travelling around Europe is about to become easier!! The free movement of persons is a fundamental right guaranteed by the EU to its citizens. It entitles every EU citizen to travel, work and live in any EU country without special formalities. This guarantee was the driving force for the Schengen cooperation.

EDC News: EU visa regulations make the EU accessible to EU and non-EU citizens

The introduction of the Schengen rules on visa-free travel made travel and movement for EU citizens much simpler. This could also be the case for Non-EU citizens wanting to travel, study, volunteer or work in Europe, thanks to changes the European Commission has proposed to the visa directive, to make the process clearer and consistent for all EU countries.

The Schengen area is an area without internal borders, an area within which citizens, many non-EU nationals, business people and tourists can freely circulate without being subjected to border checks. Since 1985, it has gradually grown and encompasses today almost all EU States and a few associated non-EU countries. It also has a single set of rules for external border checks on individuals, facilitating access for those who have a legitimate interest to enter into the EU. In addition, it has a common visa policy to further facilitate the entry of legal visitors into the EU.


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