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Europa is taking a more interactive approach to disseminating its information by using various social media tools, such as Facebook,TwitterBlogs and much more.

EDC News: EU moving towards Social Media

Social media's ever-growing presence can be seen across the world, with Europeans becoming more socially minded each day. According to Internet World Stats 2011-2012 Europe, overall, has 223 million Facebook subscribers, the largest number of Facebook subscribers in the world. Also, Europeans actively use Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, among other social networking services. Recognising this move towards electronic interaction, Europa has started to actively use social media as an additional method of communication and dissemination of its information.

In line with the EU’s move to social media the European Documentation Centre at the University of Nicosia Library has started to develop its own social media pages. These pages will give you up-to-date information on new publications, material offered by the EU, access to on-line debates, funding, EU’s current research focus, policy updates and a lot more.

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