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As nationals of EU Member States you are also EU citizens, and enjoy a range of rights as a result of European citizenship. Although this is the case there may be times when you encounter problems in exercising your rights. When you are unsure who to turn to you can contact the European Ombudsman. The European Ombudsman investigates complaints about maladministration in the institutions and bodies of the European Union. For more information go to: European Ombudsman.

EDC News: European Presidency comes to Cyprus

Cyprus will hold the Presidency of the Council of the European Union between July-December 2012. The focus of the Cyprus Presidency is to work "Towards a Better Europe",more relevant to its citizens and to the world; meaning a more effective Europe, contributing to growth and job creation. A European Union working on the basis of the underlying principle of solidarity, committing itself to a better future, promoting social cohesion and providing hope to its citizens; a European Union, with an enhanced role in the international scene. For more information go to Cyprus website

The EU's 27 Member States take it in turn to chair the Council for a period of six months each. During this six-month period, the Presidency chairs meetings at every level, proposes guidelines and draws up the compromises needed for the Council to take decisions.

The main activities of the Council of the European Union are:

  • To pass EU laws.

  • To coordinate the broad economic policies of EU member countries.

  • To sign agreements between the EU and other countries.

  • To approve the annual EU budget

  • To develop the EU's foreign and defence policies.

  • To coordinate cooperation between courts and police forces of member countries.

For more information go to the Council of the European Union’s website “CONSILIUM”



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