The EU goes to great lengths to ensure good relations with non-EU countries to ensure the realisation and success of key objectives. For more information on EU International Affairs.

EDC News: EU and International Relations

The EU constantly strives to improve justice, migration, mobility and security for its citizens, therefore, it needs to maintain good relations with non-EU countries. Partnership with non-EU countries also strengthens the rule of law, law-enforcement reform and promotes respect for human rights and international obligations. Areas that are addressed by EU external policies and collaboration with non-EU countries are: Immigration; Common European Asylum System; Schengen, Borders & Visas; Internal security; Organised crime & Human trafficking; Crisis & Terrorism; Police cooperation; International affairs.

The EU uses a number of different instruments to implement the external dimension of its policies in the area of justice, freedom and security. The following are a selection of these instruments:

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