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EU statistics have now become user-friendly!!

EuroStat has created a web-site “Statistics Explained” which presents all statistical topics in an easily understandable way. These can be searched by: keywords, themes or by categories.

EDC News: EuroStat making EU statistics user-friendly

EuroStat is the statistical office of the European Union. It consolidates large amounts of verified, comparable and objective data from EU Member States relating to a wide range of topics. Therefore, the job of finding and summarising raw data can be complex, time consuming and, in many cases, you may even be reinventing the wheel as  the data may already have been summarised by EuroStat for its own purposes.

Explore the following links to find the information / data you need:

  • Grouped by themes – gives access to statistical publications, data tables, databases and information on the methodology used.

  • Statistics A-Z – searches the subject data group alphabetically

  • Browse and search the database – groups the data using a Data Navigation Tree

  • Statistics Explained - is a new tool that offers an easy access to Eurostat's statistical information. It works in a way similar to Wikipedia and, therefore, easy to navigate. It provides rich information on any statistical subject treated by Eurostat.

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