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Digital Agenda Europe (a Europe 2020 initiative) aims to help Europe's citizens and businesses to get the most out of digital technologies, e.g. using Cloud ComputingTelecomBroadbandRobotics, increasing trust and security, etc. They support a number of research projects, entrepreneurs and innovative projects.

EDC News: Technology & Car Safety!

As road use continues to increase in European countries so are the number of road accidents & fatalities, traffic congestion, energy consumption and its negative impact on the environment. To address these problems the Commission believe that e-Safety “smart” technologies (which are based on the strengths and capabilities of computers and telecoms) can make a major difference and have, therefore, implemented a number of initiatives, for instance:

  • E-Call – To reduce the negative outcomes of serious road accidents across the EU, The European Commission have adopted two proposals to ensure that, by October 2015, cars will automatically call emergency services in case of a serious crash. The "e-Call" system automatically dials 112 - Europe's single emergency number - in the event of a serious accident. It communicates the vehicle's location to emergency services, even if the driver is unconscious or unable to make a phone call. The expected result will the increased of lives saved due to the increase in response time from emergency rescue teams, which has been estimated to be 50% in the countryside and 60% in built-up areas. Thereby, saving up to 2500 lives a year (MEMO/13/547).

  • "i2010 Intelligent Car Initiative", which was launched in February 2006, to remove bottlenecks in rolling out intelligent systems and to speed the development of smarter, safer and cleaner transport for Europe. The purpose of the initiative is to have information on car crashes, traffic jams that are on your route sent straight to your car, enabling you to avoid those areas.

These initiatives are still at the proposal stage and still require research and regulation. Proposals for two pieces of legislation have already been put forward by the European Commission to create a mandatory e-call system:

These proposals complete the Commission's three-phase legislative journey to make eCall mandatory throughout the EU (see IP/11/1010and Delegated Regulation N° 305/2013).

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