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Equality between women and men is a fundamental value of the European Union (EU), therefore, in 2007, the agency European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) was established under the regulation (EC) No 1922/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council on establishing a European Institute for Gender Equality


EDC News: EU and Gender Equality

The EU is fully committed to breaking the vicious cycle of gender discrimination. The Gender Action Plan 2016-2020 outlines an ambitious approach to gender equality and the promotion, protection and fulfilment of women’s and girls’ human rights.

The new framework is divided into four pillars, for which there are concrete indicators and targets set (IP/15/5690):

  • Fighting violence of any kind against women and girls - this includes protecting women against violence in situations of conflict and the prevention of trafficking of girls and women, but also fighting harmful practices like Female Genital Mutilation and Cutting, and empowering women to have control over their sexual and reproductive life.

  • Economic and social empowerment – by for instance increasing access of women and girls to quality education and training, including on entrepreneurship, facilitating their access to financial services, to decent jobs and to basic services like energy or clean water.

  • Strengthening voice and participation – Concrete actions could include women's increased participation in policy and decision-making at all levels, enhancing their role as peace-builders, supporting them in changing social and cultural norms through grassroots organisations or media.

  • Shifting institutional culture – to more effectively deliver on EU commitments, all EU actors are expected to analyse the development priorities in the third countries where they work, as well as the local context for women and girls, and implement those priorities that are most relevant to them; they should also further strengthen their coordination, coherence and leadership.

The EU continues to strive for a world where the rights of girls and women are claimed, valued and respected by all, and where everyone is able to fulfil their potential and contribute to a more fair and just society.

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