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The European Commission is attempting to adapt copyrights that stop consumers from using their digital goods in countries where they were not purchased.


EDC News: Digital Age - EU Contract and Copyright Rules

Provision of and access to digital goods is becoming more and more complex as we are becoming more embedded into technology. The concept of buying something online should be a simple process…It is not, especially for digital goods. There are a number of rules and regulations that both the consumer and the retailer need to adhere to. There are, also, differences in national contract laws and copyrights. These constraints have brought about various problems, such as, Europeans travelling within the EU being cut off from online services providing films, music, games, etc. that they have paid for in their home country.

The European Commission is constantly striving to minimise these differences and develop standard rules and regulations that can be applied throughout Europe. It is currently attempting to pass two pieces of legislation under its Digital Single Market project: New rules for the sale of digital content, and changes to allow portability of content that consumers have paid for. The proposed modernisation of EU copyright rules will enable Europeans to access a wide legal offer of content, while ensuring that authors and other rights holders are better protected and fairly remunerated.

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